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Intelligent systems
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0-Step K-means for clustering Wikipedia search results + , A new method to compute the word relevance in news corpus + , A proposal of analogical reasoning based on structural mapping and image schemas + , A seed based method for dictionary translation + , A semantic-based social network of academic researchers + , An intelligent system for semi-automatic evolution of ontologies + , Automatic summarization of Turkish documents using non-negative matrix factorization + , Capability modeling of knowledge-based agents for commonsense knowledge integration + , Clustering blogs using document context similarity and spectral graph partitioning + , Community optimization: Function optimization by a simulated web community + , Engineering expressive knowledge with semantic wikis + , Engineering intelligent systems on the knowledge formalization continuum + , Enhancing automatic blog classification using concept-category vectorization + , Enhancing concept based modeling approach for blog classification + , Exploiting Turkish Wikipedia as a semantic resource for text classification + , Hierarchical topic-based communities construction for authors in a literature database + , Improving wiki article quality through crowd coordination: A resource allocation approach + , Informative sentence retrieval for domain specific terminologies + , Introducing new features to wikipedia: Case studies for web science + , Measuring the Compositionality of Arabic Multiword Expressions + Has extra keyword
Introducing new features to wikipedia: Case studies for web science + , The rise of wikidata + Has keyword


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