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Information services
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A lexical approach for Spanish question answering + , A model for Ranking entities and its application to Wikipedia + , A new approach for collaborative knowledge management: A unified conceptual model for collaborative knowledge management + , A semantic layer on semi-structured data sources for intuitive chatbots + , Aggregate documents: Making sense of a patchwork of topical documents + , An n-gram and initial description based approach for entity ranking track + , CE2 - Towards a large scale hybrid search engine with integrated ranking support + , Combining wikipedia and newswire texts for question answering in spanish + , Comparative analysis of clicks and judgments ir evaluation + , Comprehensive query-dependent fusion using regression-on-folksonomies: A case study of multimodal music search + , Concept-based feature generation and selection for information retrieval + , Concordance-based entity-oriented search + , Coreference resolution for questions and answer merging by validation + , Cross-language retrieval with wikipedia + , Defining a universal actor content-element model for exploring social and information networks considering the temporal dynamic + , Digital services in immersive urban virtual environments + , Discovering semantics in multimedia content using Wikipedia + , Documenting service-oriented architectures with ontobrowse semantic wiki + , Domain independent semantic representation of multimedia presentations + , Dublin City University at CLEF 2007: Cross-language speech retrieval experiments + Has extra keyword
Quality of Internet information in pediatric otolaryngology: A comparison of three most referenced websites + Has keyword


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