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Hypertext systems
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2LIP: Filling the gap between the current and the three-dimensional web + , 2Lip: The step towards the web3D + , 3DWiki: The 3D wiki engine + , A comparison of dimensionality reduction techniques for Web structure mining + , A machine learning approach to link prediction for interlinked documents + , A model for open semantic hyperwikis + , A random walk framework to compute textual semantic similarity: A unified model for three benchmark tasks + , A self organizing document map algorithm for large scale hyperlinked data inspired by neuronal migration + , An effective, low-cost measure of semantic relatedness obtained from wikipedia links + , An evaluation framework for cross-lingual link discovery + , An experience using a Spatial Hypertext Wiki + , Analyzing multi-dimensional networks within mediawikis + , Analyzing the effectiveness of collaborative condition monitoring using adaptive measure + , Arabic retrieval revisited: Morphological hole filling + , Article recommendation based on a topic model for Wikipedia Selection for Schools + , Automatic link detection: A sequence labeling approach + , Building a standpoints web to support decision-making in Wikipedia + , Click log based evaluation of link discovery + , Clustering hyperlinks for topic extraction: An exploratory analysis + , Co-authorship 2.0: patterns of collaboration in Wikipedia + Has extra keyword


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