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Human engineering
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Accessible online content creation by end users + , Amplifying community content creation with mixed-initiative information extraction + , CoScripter: Automating & sharing how-to knowledge in the enterprise + , Collaborative editing for improved usefulness and usability of transcript-enhanced webcasts + , Coordinating tasks on the commons: Designing for personal goals, expertise and serendipity + , Coordination in collective intelligence: The role of team structure and task interdependence + , Crowdsourcing user studies with Mechanical Turk + , Designing information savvy societies: An introduction to assessability + , Effects of peer feedback on contribution: A field experiment in Wikipedia + , Exploration and visualization of administrator network in wikipedia + , Exploring the workplace communication ecology + , Factors impeding Wiki use in the enterprise: A case study + , Finding your way with CampusWiki: A location-aware wiki + , Freebase: A shared database of structured general human knowledge + , Impact of platform design on cross-language information exchange + , Knowledge sharing, maintenance, and use in online support communities + , Lifting the veil: Improving accountability and social transparency in Wikipedia with WikiDashboard + , Lurking? Cyclopaths? A quantitative lifecycle analysis of user behavior in a geowiki + , My kind of people? Perceptions about wikipedia contributors and their motivations + , Okinawa in Japanese and English Wikipedia + Has extra keyword


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