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A category-driven approach to deriving domain specific subset of Wikipedia + , A model for information growth in collective wisdom processes + , A novel approach to sentence alignment from comparable corpora + , A novel weighting scheme for efficient document indexing and classification + , An intelligent system for semi-automatic evolution of ontologies + , Annotating and searching web tables using entities, types and relationships + , Approach for building high-quality domain ontology based on the Chinese Wikipedia + , Are human-input seeds good enough for entity set expansion? Seeds rewriting by leveraging Wikipedia semantic knowledge + , Assessing quality values of Wikipedia articles using implicit positive and negative ratings + , Assessing the quality of Thai Wikipedia articles using concept and statistical features + , BabelNet: Building a very large multilingual semantic network + , BabelNet: The automatic construction, evaluation and application of a wide-coverage multilingual semantic network + , Binrank: Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs + , BorderFlow: A local graph clustering algorithm for natural language processing + , Bricking Semantic Wikipedia by relation population and predicate suggestion + , Clustering Wikipedia infoboxes to discover their types + , Collective context-aware topic models for entity disambiguation + , Collective wisdom: Information growth in wikis and blogs + , Comparing taxonomies for organising collections of documents + , Concept-based information retrieval using explicit semantic analysis + Has extra keyword


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