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Graph theory
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Accuracy estimate and optimization techniques for simrank computation + , Adapting recommender systems to the requirements of personal health record systems + , Binrank: Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs + , Bipartite editing prediction in wikipedia + , Clustering blogs using document context similarity and spectral graph partitioning + , Collaborative knowledge semantic graph image search + , Conceptual indexing of documents using Wikipedia + , Context based wikipedia linking + , Determining factors behind the PageRank log-log plot + , Do editors or articles drive collaboration? Multilevel statistical network analysis of wikipedia coauthorship + , Document graph model based on semantic information + , ESTER: Efficient search on text, entities, and relations + , Efficient indices using graph partitioning in RDF triple stores + , Extraction and analysis of tripartite relationships from Wikipedia + , Finding related pages using green measures: an illustration with Wikipedia + , Freebase: A shared database of structured general human knowledge + , Graph-theoretic analysis of collaborative knowledge bases in Natural Language Processing + , Lightweight domain ontology learning from texts:Graph theory-based approach using wikipedia + , Link prediction in a bipartite network using Wikipedia revision information + , Link prediction on evolving data using tensor-based common neighbor + Has extra keyword
Adapting recommender systems to the requirements of personal health record systems + , Wikipedia-Graph Based Key Concept Extraction towards News Analysis + Has keyword


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