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A empirical study on application of Wiki-based collaborative lesson-preparing + , A framework for BM25F-based XML retrieval + , A methodology for producing improved focused elements + , A query expansion technique using the EWC semantic relatedness measure + , A study of category expansion for related entity finding + , AceWiki: A natural and expressive semantic wiki + , Achieving high precisions with peer-to-peer is possible + , Collecting interaction traces in distributed semantic wikis + , Cross-domain Dutch coreference resolution + , Densification: Semantic document analysis using Wikipedia + , Document and query expansion models for blog distillation + , Effective tag recommendation system based on topic ontology using Wikipedia and WordNet + , End-to-end Relation Extraction using distant supervision from external semantic repositories + , Experiments on PageRank algorithm in the XML information retrieval context + , Experiments with wikipedia cross-language data fusion + , Exploiting external collections for query expansion + , Exploring the semantics behind a collection to improve automated image annotation + , Exploring the wiki user experience: The effects of training spaces on novice user usability and anxiety towards wiki editing + , Focused elements and snippets + , Group interests and their correlations mining based on Wikipedia + Has extra keyword


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