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Experimental evaluation
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A new approach for Arabic text classification using Arabic field-association terms + , A new approach for building domain-specific corpus with wikipedia + , Assessing quality score of wikipedia articles using mutual evaluation of editors and texts + , Assessing quality values of Wikipedia articles using implicit positive and negative ratings + , Binrank: Scaling dynamic authority-based search using materialized subgraphs + , Can a Wiki be used as a knowledge service platform? + , City model enrichment + , Clustering editors of wikipedia by editor's biases + , Concept disambiguation exploiting semantic databases + , Effective extraction of thematically grouped key terms from text + , Effective tag recommendation system based on topic ontology using Wikipedia and WordNet + , Efficient and scalable data evolution with column oriented databases + , Enhancing Short Text Clustering with Small External Repositories + , Entity matching for semistructured data in the Cloud + , Exploiting the Wikipedia structure in local and global classification of taxonomic relations + , Exploring lexicographic ontologies for hierarchically organizing the greek wikipedia articles + , Extracting named entities and synonyms from Wikipedia + , Facetedpedia: Dynamic generation of query-dependent faceted interfaces for Wikipedia + , Framework for monitoring and testing web application scalability on the cloud + , Geotagging aided by topic detection with Wikipedia + Has extra keyword


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