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Domain ontologies
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A framework for automatic semantic annotation of Wikipedia articles + , A new approach for building domain-specific corpus with wikipedia + , A retrieval method for earth science data based on integrated use of Wikipedia and domain ontology + , A semi-automatic method for domain ontology extraction from Portuguese language Wikipedia's categories + , An automatic acquisition of domain knowledge from list-structrued text in baidu encyclopedia + , An ontology evolution-based framework for semantic information retrieval + , Approach for building high-quality domain ontology based on the Chinese Wikipedia + , Automated construction Chinese domain ontology from Wikipedia + , Automated construction of domain ontology taxonomies from wikipedia + , Cognitive linguistics as the underlying framework for semantic annotation + , Developing consistent and modular software models with ontologies + , Domain independent semantic representation of multimedia presentations + , Effective ontology learning: Concepts' hierarchy building using plain text Wikipedia + , Effective visualization and navigation in a multimedia document collection using ontology + , Identifying the topic of queries based on domain specify ontology + , Jump-starting a body-of-knowledge with a semantic wiki on a discipline ontology + , Leveraging wikipedia characteristics for search and candidate generation in question answering + , Lightweight domain ontology learning from texts:Graph theory-based approach using wikipedia + , Mining fuzzy domain ontology based on concept vector from Wikipedia Category Network + , Ontology construction using multiple concept lattices + Has extra keyword
Effective ontology learning: Concepts' hierarchy building using plain text Wikipedia + Has keyword


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