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A little known fact is... Answering other questions using interest-markers + , Compact full-text indexing of versioned document collections + , Completing Wikipedia's hyperlink structure through dimensionality reduction + , Concordia University at the TREC 2007 QA track + , Concordia university at the TREC-15 QA track + , Constructing a focused taxonomy from a document collection + , Discovery of novel term associations in a document collection + , DoSO: A document self-organizer + , Enhancing Short Text Clustering with Small External Repositories + , Entity linking leveraging automatically generated annotation + , Event-centric search and exploration in document collections + , Exploiting external collections for query expansion + , Exploiting semantic tags in XML retrieval + , Exploiting web 2.0 forallknowledge-based information retrieval + , Larger residuals, less work: Active document scheduling for latent dirichlet allocation + , LogAnswer in question answering forums + , More influence means less work: Fast latent Dirichlet allocation by influence scheduling + , Online learning for Latent Dirichlet Allocation + , Ontology enhancement and concept granularity learning: Keeping yourself current and adaptive + , Revision graph extraction in Wikipedia based on supergram decomposition and sliding update + Has extra keyword


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