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Data handling
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A Linked Data platform for mining software repositories + , A methodology to discover semantic features from textual resources + , A wikipedia-based framework for collaborative semantic annotation + , An efficient web-based wrapper and annotator for tabular data + , Applying and extending semantic wikis for semantic web courses + , Bioqueries: A social community sharing experiences while querying Biological Linked Data + , Building a large scale knowledge base from Chinese Wiki Encyclopedia + , CalSWIM: A wiki-based data sharing platform + , Creating and Exploiting a Hybrid Knowledge Base for Linked Data + , Creating categories for Wikipedia articles using self-organizing maps + , DBpedia ontology enrichment for inconsistency detection + , Discovering missing semantic relations between entities in Wikipedia + , Educational semantic wikis in the linked data age: The case of msc web science program at aristotle university of thessaloniki + , English-to-traditional Chinese cross-lingual link discovery in articles with wikipedia corpus + , Extraction of historical events from Wikipedia + , Extraction of linked data triples from japanese wikipedia text of ukiyo-e painters + , Filling the gaps among DBpedia multilingual chapters for question answering + , Linking folksonomies to knowledge organization systems + , MIM: A minimum information model vocabulary and framework for scientific linked data + , MapXplore: Linked data in the app store + Has extra keyword


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