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Content based retrieval
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A content-based image retrieval system based on unsupervised topological learning + , A graph-based approach to named entity categorization in Wikipedia using conditional random fields + , Article recommendation based on a topic model for Wikipedia Selection for Schools + , CHIC - A pluggable solution for community help in context + , Cross-platform video segmentation system based on color histogram + , Discovering semantics in multimedia content using Wikipedia + , Exploiting CCG structures with tree Kernels for speculation detection + , Large-scale cross-media retrieval of wikipediaMM images with textual and visual query expansion + , Link-based vs. content-based retrieval for question answering using Wikipedia + , MIRACLE progress in monolingual information retrieval at Ad-Hoc CLEF 2007 + , Mass spectrometry and Web 2.0 + , Mining knowledge on relationships between objects from the web + , No free lunch: Brute force vs. locality-sensitive hashing for cross-lingual pairwise similarity + , Object recognition in wikimage data based on local invariant image features + , Search in WikiImages using mobile phone + , Utilizing the structure and content information for XML document clustering + , WikiTranslate: Query translation for cross-lingual information retrieval using only wikipedia + Has extra keyword
Search in WikiImages using mobile phone + Has keyword


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