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Computer software
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A M2M system using arduino, android and wiki software + , A casual network security using a portable sensor device and wiki software + , A common awareness and knowledge platform for studying and enabling independent living - CAPSIL + , A human and social sciences wiktionary in a peer-to-peer network + , A semantic layer on semi-structured data sources for intuitive chatbots + , A stochastic model for assessing bush fire attack on the buildings in bush fire prone areas + , Adessowiki on-line collaborative scientific programming platform + , Algorithm Visualization: The state of the field + , An Empirical Exploration of Using Wiki in an English as a Second Language Course + , An effective method for keeping design artifacts up-to-date + , An n-gram and initial description based approach for entity ranking track + , Analyzing design tradeoffs in large-scale socio-technical systems through simulation of dynamic collaboration patterns + , Analyzing multi-dimensional networks within mediawikis + , Annoki: A MediaWiki-based collaboration platform + , Building an SVG interface to MediaWiki: Creating a web-based map of interpersonal relations in the sphere of culture + , Collaborative development of data curation profiles on a wiki platform: Experience from free and open source software projects and communities + , Collaborative editing and linking of astronomy vocabularies using semantic mediawiki + , Collaborative hypervideo editing using MediaWiki + , Collaborative knowledge semantic graph image search + , Collaborative machine tool design environment based on semantic wiki technology + Has extra keyword


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