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Collaborative environments
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"What I know is...": Establishing credibility on wikipedia talk pages + , A collaborative environment for the design of accessible educational objects + , A collaborative environment to learn programming + , A collaborative multilingual database project on aymara implemented in peru and bolivia + , Accessibility and usability of a collaborative e-learning application + , Adessowiki on-line collaborative scientific programming platform + , Analysing collaboration in OPAALS' wiki: A comparative study among collaboration networks + , Assessing trustworthiness in collaborative environments + , Digital libraries and social web: Insights from wikipedia users' activities + , Enhancing the student experience using web 2.0 technologies (Wikis, Blogs and Webcam Recordings) to encourage student engagement and to develop collaborative learning: A case study + , Factors impeding Wiki use in the enterprise: A case study + , For your eyes only (and Anyone with an Internet Connection) + , It's a network, not an encyclopedia: A social network perspective on Wikipedia collaboration + , Knowledge step in advanced materials: Polymeric Wikia + , Leveraging social networks to detect anomalous insider actions in collaborative environments + , MSG-052 knowledge network for federation architecture and design + , Modeling and implementing collaborative editing systems with transactional techniques + , Opinions, conflicts, and consensus: Modeling social dynamics in a collaborative environment + , Social software: Fun and games, or business tools? + , Towards a semantic wiki-based japanese biodictionary + Has extra keyword
Factors impeding Wiki use in the enterprise: A case study + , Factors impeding Wiki use in the enterprise: a case study + Has keyword


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