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Artificial intelligence
Keyword Artificial intelligence +
Related keyword Natural Language Processing + , Robot + , Topic robot +
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"Language Is the Skin of My Thought": Integrating Wikipedia and AI to Support a Guillotine Player + , A bookmark recommender system based on social bookmarking services and wikipedia categories + , A bush encroachment decision support system's metamorphosis + , A collaborative multi-source intelligence working environment: A systems approach + , A graph-based summarization system at QA@INEX track 2011 + , A hybrid method based on WordNet and Wikipedia for computing semantic relatedness between texts + , A large margin approach to anaphora resolution for neuroscience knowledge discovery + , A learning-based framework to utilize E-HowNet ontology and Wikipedia sources to generate multiple-choice factual questions + , A methodology based on commonsense knowledge and ontologies for the automatic classification of legal cases + , A new financial investment management method based on knowledge management + , A resource-based method for named entity extraction and classification + , A scalable gibbs sampler for probabilistic entity linking + , A semi-automatic method for domain ontology extraction from Portuguese language Wikipedia's categories + , A statistical approach for automatic keyphrase extraction + , A study of category expansion for related entity finding + , A support framework for argumentative discussions management in the web + , A virtual player for "who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" based on Question Answering + , Adynamic voting wiki model + , Aligning WordNet synsets and wikipedia articles + , An effective, low-cost measure of semantic relatedness obtained from wikipedia links + Has extra keyword
Improving interaction with virtual globes through spatial thinking: Helping users ask "Why?" + , Towards building a global oracle: A physical mashup using artificial intelligence technology + , Wikis: 'From Each According to His Knowledge' + , Wikis: 'From each according to his knowledge' + Has keyword
Artificial intelligence + Keyword
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