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Simone Paolo Ponzetto is an author.


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Title Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Taxonomy induction based on a collaboratively built knowledge repository English June 2011 0 0
Extracting world and linguistic knowledge from Wikipedia NAACL-Tutorials English 2009 0 0
Large-scale taxonomy mapping for restructuring and integrating wikipedia IJCAI English 2009 0 0
An API for measuring the relatedness of words in Wikipedia ACL English 2007 0 1
Creating a Knowledge Base from a Collaboratively Generated Encyclopedia Proceedings of the NAACL-HLT 2007 Doctoral Consortium, pp 9-12, Rochester, NY, April 2007 2007 We present our work on using Wikipedia as a knowledge source for Natural Language Processing. We first describe our previous work on computing semantic relatedness from Wikipedia, and its application to a machine learning based coreference resolution system. Our results suggest that Wikipedia represents a semantic resource to be treasured for NLP applications, and accordingly present the work directions to be explored in the future. 0 0
Deriving a Large Scale Taxonomy from Wikipedia AAAI'07: Proceedings of the 22nd national conference on Artificial intelligence English 2007 We take the category system in Wikipedia as a conceptual network. We label the semantic relations between categories using methods based on connectivity in the network and lexicosyntactic matching. As a result we are able to derive a large scale taxonomy containing a large amount of subsumption, i.e. isa, relations. We evaluate the quality of the created resource by comparing it with ResearchCyc, one of the largest manually annotated ontologies, as well as computing semantic similarity between words in benchmarking datasets. 2 0
Knowledge derived from wikipedia for computing semantic relatedness J. Artif. Int. Res. English 2007 0 3
Exploiting Semantic Role Labeling, WordNet and Wikipedia for Coreference Resolution Proceedings of the main conference on Human Language Technology Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association of Computational Linguistics English 2006 In this paper we present an extension of a machine learning based coreference resolution system which uses features induced from different semantic knowledge sources. These features represent knowledge mined from WordNet and Wikipedia, as well as information about semantic role labels. We show that semantic features indeed improve the performance on different referring expression types such as pronouns and common nouns. 0 0
WikiRelate! Computing Semantic Relatedness Using Wikipedia English 2006 0 5