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Silvan Reinhold is an author.


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Concepts for extending Wiki systems to supplement collaborative learning Lecture Notes in Computer Science English 2006 The use of new media - multimedia elements and electronic modes of interaction - is at the core of contemporary efforts to enhance the learning experience of students at universities worldwide. This paper explores the use of general-purpose Wiki systems as a means to extend didactic scenarios in eLearning environments. Wiki systems are already used successfully in classrooms, and provide students with a novel means of learning, collaborating, and participating. Based on several classroom projects currently implemented at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, we identify important issues, success factors, requirements and problems, related to the use of Wikis as part of the classroom. These shape the basis for our concept to extend the standard Wiki functionality, in order to adapt the available technology to the e-enhanced classroom. A prototypical implementation is described that was developed as a basis for the implementation of the concept, and the summary illustrates current conclusions and lessons learned. 0 1
Using guided tours to enhance the interactive capabilities of a wild system in an educational environment Content structure
User tracking
CITSA 2006 - 3rd Int. Conf. on Cybernetics and Information Technol., Systems and Applications, Jointly with the 4th Int. Conf. on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies, CCCT 2006 - Proc. English 2006 Wiki systems have been gaining widespread acceptance as information repositories and platforms for collaboration in recent years, in many different environments and domains of knowledge. Among the many applications for the Wiki paradigm-including documentation, project management, or text-centric discussion forums-online learning and student collaboration are currently evolving as particular fields of interest in both schools and universities. While teachers, tutors, and students are currently gaining first-hand experience with the Wiki concept and evaluating didactic scenarios and appropriate ways of embedding Wiki systems in their classes, observation already suggests that educational environments pose specific requirements that necessitate particular attention. Among the issues to be addressed in educational settings are content structure and guidance of the participating students. This includes the need to provide context, to visualize extended structures, and to make them navigable. Based on field evaluation and theoretical background, mis paper explores possible anchor points for improving the interactive capabilities of general-purpose Wiki systems, and outlines a concept for adapting Wiki interaction to address the need for balance between independence and guidance, by providing guided tours through Wiki content Based on the concept, a current implementation is described, and future developments as well as potential uses for such a system are discussed. 0 0
WikiTrails: Augmenting Wiki Structure for Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Learning WikiSym English 2006 0 0
Wikitrails: Augmenting Wiki structure for collaborative, interdisciplinary learning Collaborative studies
Interdisciplinary e-learning
Path guidance
Path-centric navigation
User tracking
Wiki content structure
Proceedings of WikiSym'06 - 2006 International Symposium on Wikis English 2006 Wikis are currently in high demand in a large variety of fields, due to their simplicity and flexible nature. Documentation, reporting, project management, online glossaries and dictionaries, discussion groups, or information systems are just a few examples of possible Wiki applications. Their popularity has also begun drawing the attention of teachers and educators, who realize that Wikis facilitate collaborative finding, shaping, and sharing of knowledge, as well as communication, all of which are essential properties in an educational context. In order to leverage the possibilities that Wiki systems offer for didactic and interdisciplinary scenarios, this paper examines how Wiki functionality can be extended in order to better suit the requirements posed by such environments and their participants. A concept is suggested that allows building context and structure around the content and existing information organization, using trails, or paths, through the Wiki content. These can either be added manually, or inferred automatically by an integrated tracking mechanism that makes use of the implicit navigational information left behind by the users as they browse the Wiki. Finally, an actual implementation of the concept is presented and discussed, followed by an outlook on future developments and possible uses. Copyright 2006 ACM. 0 0