Saying "I do" to podcasting another "next big thing" for librarians?

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Saying "I do" to podcasting another "next big thing" for librarians? is a 2005 literature review written in English by Gordan-Murane L. and published in Searcher:Magazine for Database Professionals.

[edit] Abstract

The technological advancement of podcasting phenomena, which can be received by using an MP3 player, is discussed. Podcasting can range from home-grown audio dairies between family, friends, and colleagues to professionally produced radio shows. Online Programming for All Librariea (OPAL), a collaborative effort by libraries to provide cooperative Web-based programming and training for library users and library staff members, has made its audio content available as a podcast. The interesting work with tagging, folksonomies, metadata, and classification should be applied to podcasting as well.

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