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Samuel Chu is an author.


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Affordances and constraints of a wiki for primary-school students' group projects Affordances
Collaborative learning
Group project
Primary school
Educational Technology and Society English 2013 This study examined a wiki as a computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) environment at upper primary level. A total of 388 Hong Kong Primary-five (P5) students in four Chinese primary schools used a wiki platform within the context of their group projects in General Studies (GS) classes. Adopting a mixed-methods design, qualitative and quantitative data were collected from focus group interviews, survey and wiki entries. Findings showed that the wiki platform provided educational, technological, and social affordances for the P5 students' collaborative learning. At the same time, constraints were found to be related to technological factors and users' dispositions, which may be counterbalanced by providing scaffolding and selecting wiki variants. Students' attitudes towards the pedagogical value of the wiki were found to be strongly positive after the group project implementation. Overall, this research contributes to the literature on the use of wikis in primary education. 0 0
Experimenting with english collaborative writing on google sites Collaborative learning
English writing
Google sites
Hong Kong
Primary schools
CSEDU 2012 - Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education English 2012 A considerable amount of research in recent years has shown the advantages of integrating Web 2.0 technologies with language teaching. Specifically, this paper will shed light on the positive effects of web-based collaborative writing on Google Sites based on a project carried out in four primary schools in Hong Kong, as revealed by the qualitative data samples of students' and teachers' comments and revisions, as well as the result of focus group interviews. Both students' and teachers' revisions and feedback not only endorse but also expand on the benefits of using Google Sites in the linguistic, discourse and motivational domains for students as suggested by previous research findings. Key observations based on the present study will also be highlighted to offer insights into ways of merging Web 2.0 technologies and language teaching in a second or foreign language context like that of Hong Kong. 0 0
Using a Wiki to Scaffold Primary-School Students’ Collaborative Writing Wiki
Collaborative authoring
L2 Writing
Primary school
Educational Technology & Society English 2011 This small-scale case study explores the challenges and potential benefits of a wiki for students and teachers in a primary-five English-language class in Hong Kong. The study examined how the wiki’s key affordances might help in scaffolding students during their collaborative writing projects. The study found that the use of a wiki in a class of primary-five students in a Chinese primary school where English is taught as a second language (L2) was perceived positively. Students enjoyed using the wiki, and the overall perception was that it helped foster teamwork and improved writing. The tracking functionality of the wiki gave in-depth information about the types of edits the students were making and helped the teacher to provide necessary support and feedback, scaffolding their editing process. Findings from this study may help illuminate how Web 2.0, specifically wikis, can help scaffold primary-school L2 writers in collaborative learning. 7 0