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Sabina Jeschke is an author.


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A composite calculation for author activity in Wikis: Accuracy needed Proceedings - 2009 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, WI 2009 English 2009 Researchers of computer science and social science are increasingly interested in the Social Web and its applications. To improve existing infrastructures, to evaluate the success of available services, and to build new virtual communities and their applications, an understanding of dynamics and evolution of inherent social and informational structures is essential. One key question is how communities which exist in these applications are structured in terms of author contributions. Are there similar contribution patterns in different applications? For example, does the so called onion model revealed from open source software communities apply to Social Web applications as well? In this study, author contributions in the open content project Wikipedia are investigated. Previous studies to evaluate author contributions mainly concentrate on editing activities. Extending this approach, the added significant content and investigation of which author groups contribute the majority of content in terms of activity and significance are considered. Furthermore, the social information space is described by a dynamic collaboration network and the topic coverage of authors is analyzed. In contrast to existing approaches, the position of an author in a social network is incorporated. Finally, a new composite calculation to evaluate author contributions in Wikis is proposed. The action, the content contribution, and the connectedness of an author are integrated into one equation in order to evaluate author activity. 0 0
Defining a universal actor content-element model for exploring social and information networks considering the temporal dynamic Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining, ASONAM 2009 English 2009 The emergence of the Social Web offers new opportunities for scientists to explore open virtual communities. Various approaches have appeared in terms of statistical evaluation, descriptive studies and network analyses, which pursue an enhanced understanding of existing mechanisms developing from the interplay of technical and social infrastructures. Unfortunately, at the moment, all these approaches are separate and no integrated approach exists. This gap is filled by our proposal of a concept which is composed of a universal description model, temporal network definitions, and a measurement system. The approach addresses the necessary interpretation of Social Web communities as dynamic systems. In addition to the explicated models, a software tool is briefly introduced employing the specified models. Furthermore, a scenario is used where an extract from the Wikipedia database shows the practical application of the software. 0 0