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RikWik: An extensible XML based Wiki is a 2005 conference paper written in English by Mason R., Roe P. and published in Proceedings - 2005 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems.

[edit] Abstract

Wiki Wiki Webs provide a simple form of collaboration between multiple users using standard web browsers. Their popularity stems from their easy access and straightforward editing manner. Wikis are often used to support collaboration in research. We present a Wiki Wiki Clone, RikWik, which uses XML to provide a simple, secure platform for collaboration. In addition to supporting standard Wiki features, RikWik also provides a robust security system, provides a Web Service front-end and allows custom page types to better suit specific collaborative endeavors. RikWik has a plug-in architecture to easily allow end users to extend the platform. Thus RikWik provides an extensible collaboration platform. It is in day to day use at QUT.

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