Requirements semantics-driven aggregated production for on-demand service

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Requirements semantics-driven aggregated production for on-demand service is a 2010 journal article written in Chinese by Wen B., He K.-Q., Liang P., Wang J. and published in Jisuanji Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Computers.

[edit] Abstract

Based on the existing technology for assembling service, related approaches including requirements semantic encapsulation, requirements semantic interoperability extending and requirements semantics-driven service customized manufacture are put forward. Large-scale and complex system exhibits adaptive feature, and evolutionary emergence of collective behaviors is its fundamental phenomena. This paper adopts stakeholders-driven requirements semantics acquiring technique for software services and combines with semantic wikis for supporting evolution and semantic annotating of requirements. The approach not only elicits the conventional documentary requirements through collaboration and interactive negotiation mechanism, but also can it process intelligent retrieve, requirements consistency check and reasoning for services requirements entity depending on requirements semantics and requirements element instantiation conducted by underlying requirements ontology of services. By choosing connecting ontologies as semantic carrier for service aggregation, software production will be focused on upper level semantic description rather than concrete service. Theoretical and empirical studying has proven the validity practicability of the proposed method.

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