Remote sensing ontology development for data interoperability

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Remote sensing ontology development for data interoperability is a 2008 conference paper written in English by Nagai M., Ono M., Shibasaki R. and published in 29th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2008, ACRS 2008.

[edit] Abstract

Remote sensing ontology is developed for not only integrating earth observation data, but also knowledge sharing and information transfer. Ontological information is used for data sharing service such as support of metadata deign, structuring of data contents, support of text mining. Remote sensing ontology is constructed based on Semantic MediaWiki. Ontological information are added to the dictionary by digitalizing text based dictionaries, developing "knowledge writing tool" for experts, and extracting semantic relations from authoritative documents by applying natural language processing technique. The ontology system containing the dictionary is developed as lexicographic ontology. Also, constructed ontological information is used for the reverse dictionary.

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