Ranking Very Many Typed Entities on Wikipedia

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Ranking Very Many Typed Entities on Wikipedia is a 2007 conference paper by Hugo Zaragoza, Henning Rode, Peter Mika, Massimiliano Ciaramita Jordi Atserias, Giuseppe Attardi and published in CIKM '07: Proceedings of the Sixteenth ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.

[edit] Abstract

We discuss the problem of ranking very many entities of different types. In particular we deal with a heterogeneous set of types, some being very generic and some very speci??c. We discuss two approaches for this problem: i) exploiting the entity containment graph and ii) using a Web search engine to compute entity relevance. We evaluate these approaches on the real task of ranking Wikipedia entities typed with a state-of-the-art named-entity tagger. Results show that both approaches can greatly increase the performance of methods based only on passage retrieval.

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