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Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
La négociation des points de vue Nicolas Auray French 2009 The on-line encyclopaedia Wikipedia is a pragmatic patchwork, an assemblage of many singular points of view on a given subject, based on rules of clarity and communicability of public statements. Its success reflects a transformation of our relationship with knowledge. In this article the authors use a social map of the conflicts in the on-line encyclopaedia to study the places where discussion tilts into dispute, quarrels and complaints for moral misconduct or disturbance. Based on statistics and focused monographs, they show that the Wikipedia is characterized by the inability to solve certain conflicts through existing procedures, and explore the reasons for this phenomenon. 0 1
La vigilance participative Dominique Cardon
Julien Levrel
French 2009 This article proposes an interpretation of the Wikipedia model of coordination and governance, focused on the forms of vigilance that Wikipedians use to monitor and control other contributors. Wikipedia’s procedural system of self-regulation solves conflicts through discussion, mediation and sanctions, by organizing tension between the local control of statements and the centralized measures against those who repeatedly contravene the encyclopaedia’s principles. The authors describe the architecture of the arenas and rules that make it possible to solve publishing conflicts without transgressing the principle of an unconditional openness to everyone’s right to contribute and to monitor others. 18 2
Wiki professionnel et coopération en réseaux une étude exploratoire English 2009 0 0