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qwikWeb - Integrating mailing list and WikiWikiWeb for group communication is a 2005 conference paper written in English by Kouichirou Eto, Satoru Takabayashi, Toshiyuki Masui and published in WikiSym.

[edit] Abstract

We have developed a new powerful group communication system qwikWeb, which is an integration of a WikiWikiWeb (wiki) and a mailing list system. Mailing lists are useful for exchanging dynamic information among people, but not useful for sharing static information. Wikis are useful for storing and editing static information on the Web, but sometimes people want to restrict the users or want to know who is responsible for the edited wiki page. Also, casual users cannot create a wiki site or a mailing list easily.We solved these problems by combining wiki and mailing list. Users of qwikWeb can create a wiki site and a mailing list simply by sending an e-mail message to the qwikWeb server, and start exchanging information by using the mailing list. All the messages sent to the mailing list are stored as newly created wiki pages, and they can be edited as standard wiki pages.In this paper, we describe the basic ideas, implementation details, and user experiences of the system.

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