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Quentin Jones is an author.


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A Wiki that knows where it is being used: insights from potential users SIGMIS Database English 2008 With the advent of extensive wireless networks that blanket physically compact urban enclaves such as office complexes, shopping centers, or university campuses, it is possible to create software applications that provide location-based mobile/online services. One such application is CampusWiki, which integrates location information into a wiki structure. In the design science research reported in this paper, we employed a form of "action research" in which we engaged users as participants in an iterative process of designing and evaluating CampusWiki. Two qualitative studies were undertaken early in the design process in which semi-structured interviews were used to assess potential users' reactions to CampusWiki. Through this research, the designers were able to assess whether their intentions matched the mental models of potential users of the application. The results showed that although many of the perceived benefits were as designed by the developers, a misunderstanding of the location-aware feature led users to unanticipated concerns and expectations. These findings are important in guiding designers and implementers on the desirable and possibly undesirable features of such systems. 0 0
Finding your way with CampusWiki: A location-aware wiki Collaborative authoring
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings English 2007 Wikis provide a simple and unique approach to collaborative authoring, allowing any member of the community to contribute new, or change existing information. However, Wikis are typically disconnected from the physical context of users who are utilizing or creating content, resulting in suboptimal support for geographic communities. In addition, geographic communities might find the highly skewed generation of content by a few individuals problematic. Here we present research into addressing these challenges through location-awareness and lightweight user content rating mechanisms. We describe one such location-aware Wiki, CampusWiki and initial results from a field study demonstrating the value of location-linked content and the rating approach. We conclude with a discussion of design implications. 0 0
Finding your way with CampusWiki: a location-aware wiki Wiki
Collaborative authoring
CHI EA English 2007 0 0