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A Platform for Visually Exploring the Development of Wikipedia Articles +Contropedia  +
A content-driven reputation system for the Wikipedia +WikiTrust  +
A method for category similarity calculation in Wikis +Wiki Category Matrix Visualization  +
AVBOT +ClueBot  +, Salebot  +
AVBOT: Detecting and fixing vandalism in Wikipedia +AVBOT  +
AVBOT: detección y corrección de vandalismos en Wikipedia +AVBOT  +
AssessMediaWiki +StatMediaWiki  +
Assessment of collaborative learning experiences by graphical analysis of wiki contributions +StatMediaWiki  +
Assigning Trust to Wikipedia Content +WikiTrust  +
Authorship Tracking +Https://  +, Https://  +
Autonomous Link Spam Detection in Purely Collaborative Environments +STiki  +


Catdown +WikiTeam tools  +
ClueBot +AVBOT  +, Salebot  +
ClueBot and Vandalism in Wikipedia +ClueBot  +
Commons explorer +Wiki Loves Monuments map  +
CryptoDerk's Vandal Fighter +Vandal Fighter  +


DBpedia +Wikidata  +
Deletionpedia +WikiTeam tools  +
Detecting Wikipedia Vandalism via Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Revision Metadata +STiki  +
Detector y corrector automático de ediciones maliciosas en Wikipedia +AVBOT  +
Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia +WikiWarMonitor  +


Evaluating WikiTrust: A trust support tool for Wikipedia +WikiTrust  +
Exploiting Semantic Role Labeling, WordNet and Wikipedia for Coreference Resolution +Wikipedia-Similarity  +
Exploring linguistic points of view of Wikipedia  +
Extraction of RDF Dataset from Wikipedia Infobox Data +Infobox2rdf  +
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