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"Be Nice": Wikipedia norms for supportive communication +0001-01-02  +
"Blogs" and "Wikis" are valuable software tools for communication within research groups +1  +
"Lexicon of Love": Genre Description of Popular Music Is Not as Simple as ABC +4  +
"The sum of all human knowledge": A systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia +2  +


'Wikivism': From communicative capitalism to organized networks +1  +


(Re)triggering Backlash: Responses to news about Wikipedia's gender gap +4  +


13th international workshop on the web and databases - WebDB 2010 +3  +


3D Wikipedia: Using online text to automatically label and navigate reconstructed geometry +6  +


47. Wiki products: A comparison +2  +


A Framework for Adopting Collaboration 2.0 Tools for Virtual Group Decision Making +2  +
A Malicious Bot Capturing System using a Beneficial Bot and Wiki +2  +
A Persian Web Page Classifier Applying a Combination of Content-Based and Context-Based Features +4  +
A Study of using collaborative mode to construct researcher knowledge +2  +
A Technological Reinvention of the Textbook: A Wikibooks Project +3  +
A Tiny Adventure: The introduction of problem based learning in an undergraduate chemistry course +1  +
A Web metrics study on Taiwan Baseball Wiki using Google Analytics +3  +
A Wiki for classroom writing +1  +
A Wiki for discussing and promoting best practices in research +9  +
A Wiki that knows where it is being used: insights from potential users +4  +
A case study analysis of a constructionist knowledge building community with activity theory +5  +
A case study of contributor behavior in Q&A site and tags: The importance of prominent profiles in community productivity +1  +
A case study of wikis and student-designed games in physical education +1  +
A coauthoring method of keyword dictionaries for knowledge combination on corporate discussion web sites +PART 2  +
A collaboration effectiveness and Easiness Evaluation Method for RE-specific wikis based on Cognition-Behavior Consistency Decision Triangle +1  +
A collaborative multi-source intelligence working environment: A systems approach +PART 1  +
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