Processos editoriais auto-organizados na Wikipédia em português: a edição colaborativa de "Biografias de Pessoas Vivas"

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Processos editoriais auto-organizados na Wikipédia em português: a edição colaborativa de "Biografias de Pessoas Vivas" is a 2011 doctoral thesis written in Portuguese by Carlos Frederico de Brito d’Andréa.

[edit] Abstract

This dissertation maps and analyzes the dynamics of editions in a sample of articles of the Portuguese version of Wikipedia. We identify and discuss the self-organized and collaborative processes in its editorial network, as well as how the editors rewrite the articles over time. This research begins with conceptual considerations about the “encyclopedia that anyone can edit”, focusing on trends of the Portuguese version and specifically on the “Biographies of Living People”, which are characterized by the possibility of including, “in real time”, factual information about the life and work of influent people. The theoretical framework is composed by authors from different areas. In Text Linguistics, we discuss the concepts of text (BEAUGRANDE, 1997; COSCARELLI, 2006), textuality (COSTA VAL, 2004), retextualization and rewritting (DELL’ISOLA, 2007; MARCUSCHI, 2000; MATENCIO, 2002). Besides that, we discuss the editorial processes and professional activities (like copy editing) in the “production networks” of books and encyclopedias, especially after the use of digital technologies. In chapter 3, we discuss the networked editorial production based on the internet and inspired in “hacker culture” and “open source softwares”. In this context, the most important concepts are “commonbased peer production” (BENKLER, 2006), “The Wisdom of Crowds” (SUROWIECKI, 2007), “produsage” (BRUNS, 2008), “virtual community” e “crowdsourcing” (HAYTHORNTHWAITE, 2009). We also present the relationships between this new model and traditional editorial processes, like “networked book” and “wiki-journalism”. After that, we relate networked editorial production with complexity paradigm and discuss Wikipedia as a complex adaptive system (HOLLAND, 1995; LARSEN-FREEMAN e CAMERON, 2008) that, potentially, works in a self-organized and emergent dynamics (DEBRUN, 1996a, 1996b; DE WOLF e HOLVOET, 2005). The empirical study of this thesis is based in 91 “Biographies of Living People” about most influential Brazilian personalities in the year of 2009 according two national magazines (“Época” and “Isto É”). In the quantitative phase of this work, we extracted data in articles history pages using a software (WikipediAnalyserPT) developed for this research. After making statistical analyses, we compared the edition processes of these articles using variables as “total of editions”, “editions made by groups of editors” (registered, non-registered, administrators and bots), “protections”, “reversions” etc. At the qualitative stage, we detail the dynamics of edition of five of articles and analyze the rewrittings of the texts and the interactions between the editors. Three articles were chosen because the “key variables” are very similar: the biographies of “Franklin Martins” (a journalist that worked in president Lula's government), “Kátia Abreu” (a senator known for defending owners of very large land areas) and “Ricardo Teixeira” (a president of the Brazilian Football Confederation). After that, we analyze the dynamics of two of the most edited articles of the sample: the biographies about the famous soccer players "Adriano Leite Ribeiro" (nicknamed "The Emperor") and "Ronaldo Nazario of Lima (also known as "The Phenomenon"). In the three intermediate articles, we identified a relative stability (caused by a few number of editions monthly) interspersed with short periods of time with more editions and disputes. We also observed that a few editors made almost all the “important” editions. In the two more edited biographies, we noticed an uninterrupted movement of the editors, hundreds of vandalisms and many war editions. Although also in these articles only a few editions are preserved, we identify an “emergence” pattern characterized by disputes that encourage the collaboration among agents. At the conclusion, we discuss the possibilities and challenges of a “wikification” of editorial processes.

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