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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Wikipédia. Une somme originale de copies Rémi Mathis Médium French August 2012 Comment Wikipédia peut être le reflet du savoir d'une époque en rejetant la copie. La question de la copie vis-à-vis de Wikipédia est abordée à trois niveaux : 1/Wikipédia est une synthèse de la connaissance mais sa licence l'oblige à être foncièrement originale 2/Wikipédia comme copie des encyclopédies ou nouveau modèle 3/Wikipédia, source de textes prêts à être recopiés 8 0
Editing encyclopedias for fun and aggravation Ross J.I.
Shanty F.
Publishing Research Quarterly English 2009 This collaborative, retrospective autoethnography begins by offering an overview of the encyclopedias with which we have been involved, as both contributors and consulting editors, over the past decade. We then review our strategies for recruiting authors and maintaining their interest to ensure the highest quality entries; it also covers the mechanics of processing these entries. Next, we discuss the actual and perceived benefits of editing an encyclopedia, the most significant issues we encountered, and our solutions. Finally, we contextualize the previous information in light of recent changes in the scholarly publishing industry. 0 0
Tulane faculty symposium on digital trends: An experiment in instructional technology and outreach French A.
Wright L.
Proceedings ACM SIGUCCS User Services Conference English 2007 Tulane Faculty Symposium on Digital Trends: An experiment in instructional technology and outreach. In many universities, instructional technology groups struggle with creating new opportunities for collaboration with faculty. Nonexistent or infrequent communication, overburdened workload, and lack of active outreach and resources prevent the full and appropriate utilization of instructional technology teams. At Tulane University, these challenges are being addressed through a multi-faceted program designed to bring instructional technology and faculty into a mutually beneficial partnership. One aspect of this outreach program, the Tulane Faculty Symposium on Digital Trends, was specifically designed to introduce faculty to the instructional technology group and instructional new media topics through discussion-based sessions on current technology trends. This program was launched in March 2007, and the response from campus faculty has been overwhelmingly positive. 0 0