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Pastor Sánchez is an author.


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Posibilidades de Wikipedia en la docencia universitaria: elaboración colaborativa de conocimiento = Possibilities of Wikipedia in higher education: collaborative knowledge construction Informational literacy; Wikipedia; Didactic participatory strategies; Research methods; Production of scientific works Http:// Revista Ibersid , Spanish 2011 This work presents a guide for the incorporation of the direct work in the collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia as a didactic resource in the university teaching. Whereas the use of wikis in the classroom is widely documented, the educational possibilities of Wikipedia itself is not so much. We offer a classification of participatory activities suitable for being carried out by the students in the development of the curricular contents. One of the most relevant aspects is the transformation of the critical and distrustful speech towards the Wikipedia in a direct knowledge of its scope, process of production and systems of quality control. In addition it is a good opportunity to improve a widespread source of information among university undergraduates that affects in a real impact on critical and active use of information sources.. 0 0