PAN Wikipedia vandalism corpus 2010

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PAN Wikipedia vandalism corpus 2010 (PAN-WVC-10) is a corpus for the evaluation of automatic vandalism detectors for Wikipedia.


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Crowdsourcing a Wikipedia Vandalism Corpus Martin Potthast Wikipedia
Vandalism detection
SIGIR English 2010 We report on the construction of the PAN Wikipedia vandalism corpus, PAN-WVC-10, using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The corpus compiles 32 452 edits on 28 468 Wikipedia articles, among which 2 391 vandalism edits have been identified. 753 human annotators cast a total of 193 022 votes on the edits, so that each edit was reviewed by at least 3 annotators, whereas the achieved level of agreement was analyzed in order to label an edit as “regular” or “vandalism.” The corpus is available free of charge. 6 1