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Online collaborative presentations is a 2010 conference paper written in English by Bosnic I., Poscic A., Ackar I., Zibrat Z., Zagar M. and published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, ITI.

[edit] Abstract

Sharing and collaboration, keywords in current way of using the Web, are strongly present in the e-learning field, but usually not in educational content creation. There is a need that students participate even in lectures design, either by commenting, editing them or sharing notes with each other. This paper describes WikiPres - a system based on wiki engine that enables participants to create, annotate and edit presentations in wiki-way, while retaining the slides' formats frequently used in lectures creation. Along with the description of WikiPres implementation, the paper describes the results of a survey among the students that shows their willingness to collaborate in a process of making lectures.

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