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Normative behaviour in wikipedia is a 2010 journal article written in English by Goldspink C. and published in Information Communication and Society.

[edit] Abstract

This paper examines the effect of norms and rules on editor communicative behaviour in Wikipedia. Specifically, processes of micro-coordination through speech acts are examined as a basis for norm establishment, maintenance, reinforcement and effectiveness. This is pursued by analysing discussion pages taken from a sample of controversial and featured articles. The results reveal some unexpected patterns. Despite the Wikipedia community generating a large number of rules, etiquettes and guidelines, the explicit invocation of rules and/or the use of wider social norms is rare and appears to play a very small role in influencing editor behaviour. The emergent pattern of communicative exchange is not well aligned either with rules established by Wikipedia contributors or with the characteristics of a coherent community and nor is it consistent with the behaviour needed to reach agreement on controversial topics. The paper concludes by offering some tentative hypotheses as to why this may be so and outlines possible future research which may help distinguish between alternatives.

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