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Nicolas Auray is an author.


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La négociation des points de vue Réseaux French 2009 The on-line encyclopaedia Wikipedia is a pragmatic patchwork, an assemblage of many singular points of view on a given subject, based on rules of clarity and communicability of public statements. Its success reflects a transformation of our relationship with knowledge. In this article the authors use a social map of the conflicts in the on-line encyclopaedia to study the places where discussion tilts into dispute, quarrels and complaints for moral misconduct or disturbance. Based on statistics and focused monographs, they show that the Wikipedia is characterized by the inability to solve certain conflicts through existing procedures, and explore the reasons for this phenomenon. 0 1
Managing conflicts between users in Wikipedia Collaborative work
Social network
Web community
CEUR Workshop Proceedings English 2008 Wikipedia is nowadays a widely used encyclopedia, and one of the most visible sites on the Internet. Its strong principle of collaborative work and free editing sometimes generates disputes due to disagreements between users. In this article we study how the wikipedian community resolves the conflicts and which roles do wikipedian choose in this process. We observed the users behavior both in the article talk pages, and in the Arbitration Committee pages specifically dedicated to serious disputes. We first set up a users typology according to their involvement in conflicts and their publishing and management activity in the encyclopedia. We then used those user types to describe users behavior in contributing to articles that are tagged by the wikipedian community as being in conflict with the official guidelines of Wikipedia, or conversely as being well featured. 0 0
Democratizing scientific vulgarization. The balance between cooperation and conflict in french Wikipedia Observatorio (OBS*), , No 3 (2007) 2007 The free online encyclopedia project Wikipedia has become in less than six years one of the most prominent commons-based peer production example. The present study investigates the patterns of involvement and the patterns of cooperation within the French version of the encyclopaedia. In that respect, we consider different groups of users, highlighting the opposition between passerby contributors and core members, and we attempt to evaluate for each class of contributors the main motivations for their participation to the project. Then, we study the qualitative and quantitative patterns of cowriting and the correlation between size and quality of the production process. 0 0