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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Digital libraries and social web: Insights from wikipedia users' activities Zelenkauskaite A.
Paolo Massa
Proceedings of the IADIS International Conferences - Web Based Communities and Social Media 2011, Social Media 2011, Internet Applications and Research 2011, Part of the IADIS, MCCSIS 2011 English 2011 A growing importance of the social aspects within large scale knowledge depositories as digital libraries was discerned since the last decade for its ever increasing number of digital depositories and users. Despite the fact that this digital trend influenced multiple users, yet little is known about how users navigate in these online platforms. In this study Wikipedia is considered as a lens to analyze user activities within a large scale online environment, in order to achieve a better understanding regarding user needs in online knowledge depositories. This study analyzed user activities in real setting where editing activities of 686,332 active contributors of English Wikipedia have been studied within a period of ten years. Their editing behaviors were compared based on different periods of permanence (longevity) within Wikipedia's content-oriented versus social-oriented namespaces. The results show that users with less than 21 days of longevity were more likely to interact in namespaces that were designated for social purposes, compared to the users who remained from two to ten years who were more likely to exploit functionalities related to content discussion. The implications of these findings were positioned within the collaborative learning framework which postulates that users with different expertise levels have different exigencies. Since social functionalities were more frequently used by users who stayed for short periods of time, inclusion of such functionalities in online platforms can provide support to this segment of users. This study aims at contributing to the design of online collaborative environments such as digital libraries where socialoriented design would allow creating more sustainable environments that are built around the specific needs of diverse users. 0 0
Accessible organizational elements in wikis with Model-Driven Development Bittar T.J.
Lobato L.L.
Fortes R.P.M.
Neto D.F.
SIGDOC 2010 - Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication English 2010 Wiki is a web collaborative tool for promoting rapid publication of information, by allowing users to edit, add or revise content through a web browser. Despite various benefits offered by the use of wikis, there is no guarantee of a good structure of its content. This occurs, especially, because of the flexibility and easiness on creating and referencing pages and also for the reason that difficulty to graphically visualize the information architecture. In this paper it is proposed a Model-Driven Development (MDD) approach that supports creating graphical models of namespaces to generate structured wikis code. In addition, this approach also aims to include accessibility features on models from official W3C guidelines such as WCAG and ATAG, allowing access by a wider range of users. Copyright 2010 ACM. 0 0
Support for Collaboration in Wikis using Graphical Modeling to Achieve Improvements in Information Architecture and Accessibility Thiago Jabur Bittar
Luanna Lopes Lobato
David Fernandes Neto
Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes
SBSC-II English 2010 0 0
Measuring Wikipedia Jakob Voss International Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics English 2005 Wikipedia, an international project that uses Wiki software to collaboratively create an encyclopaedia, is becoming more and more popular. Everyone can directly edit articles and every edit is recorded. The version history of all articles is freely available and allows a multitude of examinations. This paper gives an overview on Wikipedia research. Wikipedia's fundamental components, i.e. articles, authors, edits, and links, as well as content and quality are analysed. Possibilities of research are explored including examples and first results. Several characteristics that are found in Wikipedia, such as exponential growth and scale-free networks are already known in other context. However the Wiki architecture also possesses some intrinsic specialties. General trends are measured that are typical for all Wikipedias but vary between languages in detail. 12 16