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Museen und Wikipedia is a 2007 conference paper written in German by Thomas Tunsch and published in EVA 2007 Berlin.

[edit] Abstract

In order to define the possible advantages of utilization and cooperation, both the museum world and the Wikipedia world can be considered communities dedicated to the expansion of knowledge. Museums collect objects, provide documentation and produce knowledge about those objects and the representing fields of sciences or other scholarship. Wikipedia collects data and information pieces, provides articles, and at the same time offers insight into the process of how knowledge grows. Especially the following areas demonstrate important connections:

methods (discussion, conventions, manuals, standards) practical experience (authors, stable knowledge/process) content (metadata, SWD, PND, templates, structure, quality management, languages) contributors and users (museum staff, visitors, public)

As a possible alternative or extension of using Wikipedia the project “MuseumsWiki” shall be demonstrated.

[edit] References

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