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Harmonizing and combining existing land cover/land use datasets for cropland area monitoring at the African continental scale Vancutsem C.
Marinho E.
Kayitakire F.
Linda See
Steffen Fritz
Remote Sensing English 2013 Mapping cropland areas is of great interest in diverse fields, from crop monitoring to climate change and food security. Recognizing the value of a reliable and harmonized crop mask that entirely covers the African continent, the objectives of this study were to (i) consolidate the best existing land cover/land use datasets, (ii) adapt the Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) for harmonization, (iii) assess the final product, and (iv) compare the final product with two existing datasets. Ten datasets were compared and combined through an expert-based approach in order to create the derived map of cropland areas at 250 m covering the whole of Africa. The resulting cropland mask was compared with two recent cropland extent maps at 1 km: one derived from MODIS and one derived from five existing products. The accuracy of the three products was assessed against a validation sample of 3,591 pixels of 1km regularly distributed over Africa and interpreted using high resolution images, which were collected using the Geo-Wiki tool. The comparison of the resulting crop mask with existing products shows that it has a greater agreement with the expert validation dataset, in particular for places where the cropland represents more than 30% of the area of the validation pixel. 0 0
A casual network security using a portable sensor device and wiki software Takashi Yamanoue
Kentaro Oda
Koichi Shimozono
Proceedings - 2012 IEEE/IPSJ 12th International Symposium on Applications and the Internet, SAINT 2012 English 2012 A casual network security monitoring system is proposed in this paper. The system is easy to deploy without reconfiguring the central network infrastructure, the firewall, and the intrusion detector system (IDS) of an organization. A virus-infected host, which is hidden by the network address translator (NAT) of a sub LAN, can be identified easily by using this monitoring system with the IDS. This monitoring system consists of a portable sensor device and a web site with wiki software. The portable sensor device, which is located on a target LAN that may have virus-infected hosts, is remote-controlled by a network manager's commands. The commands and the results are written on a wiki page. 0 1
AVBOT: Detecting and fixing vandalism in Wikipedia Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada UPGRADE English 2011 Wikipedia is a project which aims to build a free encyclopaedia to spread the sum of all knowledge to every single human being. Today it can be said to be on the road to achieving that goal, having reached the 15 million articles milestone in 270 languages. Furthermore, if we include its sister projects (Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikisource,...), it has received more than 1 billion edits in 10 years and now has more than 10 billion page views every month. Compiling an encyclopaedia in a collaborative way has been possible thanks to MediaWiki software. It allows everybody to modify the content available on the site easily. But a problem emerges regarding this model: not all edits are made in good faith. AVBOT is a bot for protecting the Spanish Wikipedia against some undesired modifications known as vandalism. Although AVBOT was developed for Wikipedia, it can be used on any MediaWiki website. It is developed in Python and is free software. In the 2 years it has been in operation it has reverted more than 200,000 vandalism edits, while several clones have been executed, adding thousands of reverts to this count. 0 0
A common awareness and knowledge platform for studying and enabling independent living - CAPSIL Bennis C.
McGrath D.
Caulfield B.
Knapp B.
Coghlan N.
2010 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Pervasive Health 2010 English 2010 The population of the world is growing older, and the balance of old to young is shifting so that by 2050 over 30% of the population is expected to be over 60 years old[l], with particularly high ratios of old to young in the EU, USA and Japan. CAPSIL is an FP7 Coordinating Support Action that incorporates a strategic international coalition of University and Industrial partners that already have extensive teams developing hardware/software/knowledge solutions to independent living based on user requirements. CAPSIL has two fundamental goals: 1. To carry out an analysis of the state of the art with regards to technology, healthcare and public policy in the EU, US and Japan for enabling independent living for older adults. Based on this analysis, develop a detailed roadmap for EU research to achieve effective and sustainable solutions for independent living 2. To support aging research by proposing procedures to incorporate all of these diverse solutions into WiKi entries (CAPSIL WiKi). It is our hope that these CAPSIL WiKi's will enable researchers and the ICT industry to get the information they need to quickly and easily test solutions for prolonging independent living within the many and various heterogeneous communities. In this paper we will summarise the principal findings of the CAPSIL Roadmap and present an overview of the main research gaps and recommendations for policy and research development. Finally, we will introduce the CAPSIL WiKi infrastructure. 0 0
WiSyMon: Managing systems monitoring information in semantic wikis Frank Kleiner
Andreas Abecker
Brinkmann S.F.
3rd International Conference on Advances in Semantic Processing - SEMAPRO 2009 English 2009 While IT landscapes are becoming more and more complex, the need for faster and more flexible service delivery as well as the need for providing constantly available services constitute an increasing challenge for the IT service management (ITSM) discipline. The work presented in this paper aims at providing a solution for collaboratively creating and maintaining systems monitoring configurations in a semantic wiki. An overview of ITSM, systems monitoring, wikis, as well as semantics and ontologies, is given. Additionally, the approach used for implementing the solution presented in this paper, is sketched. 0 0
From tailored databases to wikis: Using emerging technologies to work together more efficiently Regolini A.
Berger F.
Jannes-Ober E.
Dorren L.
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management English 2008 This article describes the emergence of collaborative work between researchers an d information professionals through the presentation of two tools developed within Cemagref. The first tool is a traditional database and the second a Wiki; they were both implemented by information professionals with the contribution of information technology (IT) experts. The role of Cemagref information professionals is to provide researchers with expertise on information technology. The first task of the ten Cemagref documentation departments is to supply our researchers with suitable data. This paper develops this experience through the description of t wo existing systems. Not only can researchers now retrieve information, but they are also able to feed the databases with their own information. 0 0