Mining a Large-Scale Term-Concept Network from Wikipedia

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Mining a Large-Scale Term-Concept Network from Wikipedia is a 2006 journal article by Andrew Gregorowicz and Mark A. Kramer and published in Mitre Technical Report.

[edit] Abstract

Social tagging and information retrieval are challenged by the fact that the same item or idea can be expressed by different terms or words. To counteract the problem of variable terminology, researchers have proposed concept-based information retrieval. To date, however, most concept spaces have been either manually-produced taxonomies or special-purpose ontologies, too small for classifying arbitrary resources. To create a large set of concepts, and to facilitate terms to concept mapping, we introduce mine a network of concepts and terms from Wikipedia. Our algorithm results in a robust, extensible term-concept network for tagging and information retrieval, containing over 2,000,000 concepts with mappings to over 3,000,000 unique terms.

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