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Mike Thelwall is an author.


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RUOK? Blogging Communication Technologies During Crises Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 2007 This article compares communication technologies within and across crises, using evidence from contemporary postings in 68,022 blogs and news feeds and using a semi-automatic method to detect words that increase in usage during a crisis. Three case studies from 2005 are used: the July 7 London attacks, the New Orleans hurricane, and the {Pakistan-Kashmir} earthquake. The results highlight the information provision importance for bloggers of Web 2.0 resources such as Wikinews, the Wikipedia, and the Flickr picture sharing site, although these still play a minor role in comparison to the mass media. Some personal communication methods were also mentioned significantly, including {SMS} and cellphones, but the newest technologies of those mentioned were all Web 2.0. The importance of electronic communication for bloggers was found to depend on the nature of the crisis: For example, despite the heavy {Pakistan-Kashmir} earthquake death toll, there was relatively little interest in related communication issues from English language bloggers and news sources. 0 0
The BBC, Daily Telegraph and Wikinews timelines of the terrorist attacks of 7th July 2006 in London: a comparison with contemporary discussions Information Research English 2006 0 0