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Mems air conditioning is a 2008 literature review written in English by [[[No author name available]]] and published in Technology Review.

[edit] Abstract

Wikipedia's articles are the first- or second-ranked results for most Internet searches, meaning that the content of these articles really matters. These standards affect students, whose research on many topics starts and ends with Wikipedia. Many people, especially academic experts, have argued that Wikipedia's articles can't be trusted, because they are written and edited by volunteers who have never been vetted. Studies have found that the articles are remarkably accurate, as Wikipedia's community of more than seven million registered users has organically evolved a set of policies and procedures for removing untruths. Wikipedia has evolved a radically different set of epistemological standards that aren't especially surprising given that the site is rooted in a Web-based community. Wikipedia's standard for truth makes good technical and legal sense, given that anyone can edit its articles. Wikipedia is the most widely read online reference on the planet, it's the standard of truth that most people are implicitly using when they type a search term into Google or Yahoo.

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