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Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
The PlanetMath Encyclopedia Joseph Corneli Online community
Commons-Based Peer Production
English 2011 The history of is discussed, tracing its inception, stabilization, and some defining challenges. Research and outreach efforts that have been conducted in the course of work on the PlanetMath project are reviewed, and the scope and reach of the resource are discussed. Recent developments are indicated briefly. Some remarks evaluating PlanetMath’s trajectory and content conclude the paper. 0 0
The Web of Mathematical Models: A Schema-based, Wiki-like, Interactive Platform Thomas Grundmann
Jean-Marie Gaillourdet
Karsten Schmidt
Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter
Stefan Deßloch
Martin Memmel
2011 In science and engineering mathematical models are increasingly important to describe natural phenomena and design artifacts. Our goals is to make the notion of “mathematical models” more explicit and precise as well as to build up knowledge repositories for searching, exploring, combining, and sharing models. With the Web of Mathematical Models, WoM, we provide a platform to host such models on the Web. Models follow an explicit, content-related schema. 0 0

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