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Marija Cubric is an author.


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An agile method for teaching agile in business schools Agile
Experiential learning
Project management
International Journal of Management Education English 2013 The aim of this paper is to describe, evaluate and discuss a new method for teaching agile project management and similar subjects in higher education.Agile is not only a subject domain in this work, the teaching method itself is based on Scrum, a popular agile methodology mostly used in software development projects. The method is supported by wikis, a natural platform for simulation of software development environments.The findings from the evaluation indicate that the method enables the creation of "significant learning", which prepares students for life-long learning and increases their employability. However, the knowledge gains, resulting from wiki interactions are found to be more quantitative than qualitative.The results also imply that despite the active promotion of agile values of communication and feedback, issues regarding the teamwork are still emerging. The engagement of the teacher in the learning and teaching process was discovered to be a motivational factor for the team cohesion.This paper could be of interest to anyone planning to teach agile in the higher education settings, but also to a wider academic community interested in applying agile methods in their own teaching practice. 0 0
Agile learning & teaching with wikis: Building a pattern Agile development
Blended learning
WikiSym 2008 - The 4th International Symposium on Wikis, Proceedings English 2008 In this paper, we describe a blended learning process that is based on the agile development principles [1] and techniques [2] and supported by wikis. The process presented here is applicable to any learning and teaching scenario where the module1 objectives require development of non-cognitive skills such as: teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, collaborative writing, incremental and iterative development etc We believe that understanding agile principles and being able to apply agile techniques to any development activity are highly relevant skills that are important for the employability of our students. 0 0
Wiki-based process framework for blended learning WikiSym English 2007 With few exceptions, currently published research on theeducational use of wikis does not include how the learningactivities should be shaped, planned or enforced in a wiki. Inthis paper we aim to fill that gap by providing a framework forlearning and teaching processes supported by the use of wikis. Aninstance of that process framework ("feedback-driven" process) wasformulated and implemented through a series of trials performed atUniversity of Hertfordshire Business School during the course ofthe last two academic years to 2006/7. The results of the trialhave been collected and analyzed using the quantitative andqualitative methods and have led to the conclusion that studentsengagement with wiki-based learning activities is directlyproportional to the quality and frequency of tutors feedback andthe clarity of the underlying learning and teaching process. 0 1