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Dataset Size Language Description
Citizendium mailing list archives English
Nupedia mailing list archives 750 KB English Nupedia mailing list archives is a compilation of messages sent to the mailing list of this Wikipedia predecesor.
Wikimedia mailing lists archives Several MB Wikimedia mailing lists archives are a list of all the public mailing lists on


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Title Author(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Joining free/open source software communities: An analysis of newbies' first interactions on project mailing lists Jensen C.
King S.
Kuechler V.
Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences English 2011 Free/Open source software (FOSS) is an important part of the IT ecosystem. Due to the voluntary nature of participation, continual recruitment is key to the growth and sustainability of these communities. It is therefore important to understand how and why potential contributors fail in the process of transitioning from user to contributor. Most newcomers, or "newbies", have their first interaction with a community through a mailing list. To understand how this first contact influences future interactions, we studied eight mailing lists across four FOSS projects: MediaWiki, GIMP, PostgreSQL, and Subversion. We analyzed discussions initiated by newbies to determine the effect of gender, nationality, politeness, helpfulness and timeliness of response. We found that nearly 80% of newbie posts received replies, and that receiving timely responses, especially within 48 hours, was positively correlated with future participation. We also found that while the majority of interactions were positive, 1.5% of responses were rude or hostile. 0 0
Realization of a collaboration system for everyone to develop and manage Kouichirou Eto
Masahiro Hamasaki
Nishimura T.
Synthesiology English 2008 To realize a new collaborative communication system, we propose qwikWeb which has a design philosophy based on communication patterns where a user can easily build a system that matches the group's activity. Adequacy and efficacy of this system were demonstrated by designing, implementing, operating, improving, and conducting analysis of operation data. 0 0
QwikWeb - Integrating mailing list and WikiWikiWeb for group communication Kouichirou Eto
Satoru Takabayashi
Toshiyuki Masui
WikiSym English 2005 We have developed a new powerful group communication system qwikWeb, which is an integration of a WikiWikiWeb (wiki) and a mailing list system. Mailing lists are useful for exchanging dynamic information among people, but not useful for sharing static information. Wikis are useful for storing and editing static information on the Web, but sometimes people want to restrict the users or want to know who is responsible for the edited wiki page. Also, casual users cannot create a wiki site or a mailing list easily.We solved these problems by combining wiki and mailing list. Users of qwikWeb can create a wiki site and a mailing list simply by sending an e-mail message to the qwikWeb server, and start exchanging information by using the mailing list. All the messages sent to the mailing list are stored as newly created wiki pages, and they can be edited as standard wiki pages.In this paper, we describe the basic ideas, implementation details, and user experiences of the system. 4 0