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Loris Gaio is an author.


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Coordination and division of labor in open content communities: The role of template messages in Wikipedia Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences English 2010 Though largely spontaneous and loosely regulated, the process of peer production within online communities is also supplemented by additional coordination mechanisms. In this respect, we study an emergent organizational practice of the Wikipedia community, the use of template messages, which seems to act as effective and parsimonious coordination device to signal quality concerns or other issues that need to be addressed. We focus on the template "NPOV", which signals breaches on the fundamental policy of neutrality of Wikipedia articles, and we show how and to what extent putting such template on a page affects the editing process. We notably find that intensity of editing increases immediately after the "NPOV" template appears and that controversies about articles which have received the attention of a more limited group of editors before they were tagged as controversial have a lower chance to be treated quickly. 0 1
Wikibugs: Using template messages in open content collections Bug fixing
Commons based peer production
Survival analysis
Template messages
WikiSym English 2009 In the paper we investigate an organizational practice meant to increase the quality of commons-based peer production: the use of template messages in wiki-collections to highlight editorial bugs and call for intervention. In the context of SimpleWiki, an online encyclopedia of the Wikipedia family, we focus on {complex}, a template which is used to flag articles disregarding the overall goals of simplicity and readability. We characterize how this template is placed on and removed from articles and we use survival analysis to study the emergence and successful treatment of these bugs in the collection. Copyright 0 0
Mining for practices in community collections: Finds from simple wikipedia IFIP International Federation for Information Processing English 2008 The challenges of commons based peer production are usually associated with the development of complex software projects such as Linux and Apache. But the case of open content production should not be treated as a trivial one. For instance, while the task of maintaining a collection of encyclopedic articles might seem negligible compared to the one of keeping together a software system with its many modules and interdependencies, it still poses quite demanding problems. In this paper, we describe the methods and practices adopted by Simple Wikipedia to keep its articles easy to read. Based on measurements of article readability and similarity, we conclude that while the mechanisms adopted by the community had some effect, in the long run more efforts and new practices might be necessary in order to maintain an acceptable level of readability in the Simple Wikipedia collection. 0 0