Locating technology innovation within the scholarship of teaching

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Locating technology innovation within the scholarship of teaching is a 2011 ASCILITE 2011 - The Aust. Soc. for Comp. in Learn. in Ter. Educ. by Doherty I., Honey M., Stewart L. and published in ASCILITE 2011 - The Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education.

[edit] Abstract

We present a project that involves undergraduate nursing students working in small groups using a wiki to develop a collaborative glossary of health specific terminology. We locate our research -using a randomized control trial - within the scholarship of teaching and provide the rationale for adopting this approach to our research. We then provide two alternative evidenced-based approaches to innovating with technology -scholarly teaching and reflective teaching - and show how the three approaches can provide multiple pathways for technology innovators to take an evidence-based approach to their work so that we learn from the past and inform future teaching practice.

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