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This is a list of visualization tools available in WikiPapers. Currently, there are 22 tools of this type.

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Tool Operating System(s) Language(s) Programming language(s) License Description Image
HistoryFlow Windows English HistoryFlow is a tool for visualizing dynamic, evolving documents and the interactions of multiple collaborating authors. In its current implementation, history flow is being used to visualize the evolutionary history of wiki pages on Wikipedia. English Wikipedia Treaty of Trianon History Flow.png
Listen to Wikipedia Web English JavaScript BSD License Listen to Wikipedia a visual and audio illustration of live editing activity on Wikipedia. Screen Shot Listen to Wikipedia.png
StatMediaWiki GNU/Linux English Python GPLv3 StatMediaWiki is a project that aims to create a tool to collect and aggregate information available in a MediaWiki installation. Results are static HTML pages including tables and graphics that can help to analyze the wiki status and development, or a CSV file for custom processing. General hour activity-wikihaskell.png
Wiki Category Matrix Visualization Cross-platform English Java Educational Community License Wiki Category Matrix Visualization is a tool that generates a visual representation of data sizes across topics of a multi-level category hierarchy in matrix form. It provides a "big picture" overview of topics in terms of categorization. Matrix-visualization-simplewiki.png
Wiki Explorator Ruby Wiki Explorator is a ruby library for scientific research on wikis (and other CMS, focus: MediaWiki) for interactive exploration, statistics and visualization of (network) data.
Wiki Trip Python
Wiki Trip allows to have a trip in the process of creation of any Wikipedia page from any language edition of Wikipedia. WikiTrip is an interactive web tool empowering its users by providing an insightful visualization of two kinds of information about the Wikipedians who edited the selected page: their location in the world and their gender. Ok wikitrip screen 001 english cumulative.png
Wikichron Cross-platform English Python Affero GPL (code) WikiChron is a web tool for the analysis and visualization of the evolution of wiki online communities. It uses processed data of the history dumps of mediawiki wikis, computes different metrics on this data and plot it in interactive graphs. It allows to compare different wikis in the same graphs.

This tool will serve investigators in the task of inspecting the behavior of collaborative online communities, in particular wikis, and generate research hypotheses for further and deeper studies. WikiChron has been thought to be very easy to use and highly interactive from the very first beginning. It comes with a bunch of already downloaded and processed wikis from Wikia (but any MediaWiki wiki is supported), and with more than thirty metrics to visualize and compare between wikis.

Moreover, it can be useful in the case of wiki administrators who want to see, analyze and compare how the activity on their wikis is going.

WikiChron is available online here:
WikiEvidens Cross-platform English Python GPLv3 WikiEvidens is a visualization and statistical tool for wikis. Wikievidens0.0.6.png
WikiNavMap WikiNavMap visualises the tickets, wiki pages and milestones in the Trac environment.
WikiTracer English WikiTracer is a web service providing platform-independent analytics and comparative growth statistics for wikis.
WikiVis (FH-KL) Java GPL WikiVis (FH-KL) WikiVis is a tool to analyze Wikipedia based on several aspects. The main objective is to visualize the conclusions of this examination, which focuses on the editing frequency and relevance of articles and categories as well as the activity of users. Wikivis 0.5.jpg
WikiVis (UM) Cross-platform English Java Educational Community License
Version 2.0
WikiVis (UM) provides an interactive visualization of the Wikipedia information space, primarily as a means of navigating the category hierarchy as well as the article network. The project is implemented in Java, utilizing the Java 3D package. WikiVis-UM-Logo.jpg
Wikimedia Statistics
Wikimedia counter Cross-platform Python
GPL Wikimedia counter is a near real-time edit counter for all Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia projects edits counter 2010-04-16.png
Wikipedia Recent Changes Map Web English JavaScript Wikipedia Recent Changes Map is a web tool that displays a world map showing anonymous edits to Wikipedia, geolocated by IP.
WikipediaVision Web English WikipediaVision is a web-based tool that shows anonymous edits to Wikipedia (almost) in real-time.
Wikistream English Wikistream is a web that shows the stream of changes in Wikimedia projects, in real-time.
Wikiswarm Cross-platform English Java Wikiswarm generates code_swarm event logs from the Wikipedia API.
Wikitweets Wikitweets is a visualization of how Wikipedia is cited on Twitter.
Wmcharts wmcharts are a set of graphs about Wikimedia projects.