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This is a list of publications in Japanese. Currently, there are 4 publications in this language.


Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Published in DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
Natural language processing neural network considering deep cases Sagara T.
Hagiwara M.
Deep Case
Natural Language Processing
Neural Network
IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 2011 In this paper, we propose a novel neural network considering deep cases. It can learn knowledge from natural language documents and can perform recall and inference. Various techniques of natural language processing using Neural Network have been proposed. However, natural language sentences used in these techniques consist of about a few words, and they cannot handle complicated sentences. In order to solve these problems, the proposed network divides natural language sentences into a sentence layer, a knowledge layer, ten kinds of deep case layers and a dictionary layer. It can learn the relations among sentences and among words by dividing sentences. The advantages of the method are as follows: (1) ability to handle complicated sentences; (2) ability to restructure sentences; (3) usage of the conceptual dictionary, Goi-Taikei, as the long term memory in a brain. Two kinds of experiments were carried out by using goo dictionary and Wikipedia as knowledge sources. Superior performance of the proposed neural network has been confirmed. 0 0
Japanese/english blog distillation and cross-lingual blog analysis with multilingual wikipedia entries as fundamental knowledge source Hiroyuki Nakasaki
Mariko Kawaba
Daisuke Yokomoto
Takehito Utsuro
Tomohiro Fukuhara
Blog distillation
Cross-lingual blog analysis
Topic analysis
Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 2010 The overall goal of this paper is to cross-lingually analyze multilingual blogs collected with a topic keyword. The framework of collecting multilingual blogs with a topic keyword is designed as the blog feed retrieval procedure. In this paper, we take an approach of collecting blog feeds rather than blog posts, mainly because we regard the former as a larger information unit in the blogosphere and prefer it as the information source for cross-lingual blog analysis. In the blog feed retrieval procedure, we also regard Wikipedia as a large scale ontological knowledge base for conceptually indexing the blogosphere. The underlying motivation of employing Wikipedia is in linking a knowledge base of well known facts and relatively neutral opinions with rather raw, user generated media like blogs, which include less well known facts and much more radical opinions. In our framework, first, in order to collect candidates of blog feeds for a given query, we use existing Web search engine APIs, which return a ranked list of blog posts, given a topic keyword. Next, we re-rank the list of blog feeds according to the number of hits of the topic keyword as well as closely related terms extracted from the Wikipedia entry in each blog feed. We compare the proposed blog feed retrieval method to existing Web search engine APIs and achieve significant improvement. We then apply the proposed blog distillation framework to the task of cross-lingually analyzing multilingual blogs collected with a topic keyword. Here, we cross-lingually and cross-culturally compare less well known facts and opinions that are closely related to a given topic. Results of cross-lingual blog analysis support the effectiveness of the proposed framework. 0 0
Learning a large scale of ontology from Japanese Wikipedia Susumu Tamagawa
Shinya Sakurai
Takuya Tejima
Takeshi Morita
Noriaki Izumi
Takahira Yamaguchi
Ontology learning
Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 2010 Here is discussed how to learn a large scale of ontology from Japanese Wikipedia. The learned ontology includes the following properties: rdfs:subClassOf (IS-A relationship), rdf:type (class-instance relationship), owl:Object/DatatypeProperty (Infobox triple), rdfs:domain (property domain), and skos:altLabel (synonym). Experimental case studies show us that the learned Japanese Wikipedia Ontology goes better than already existing general linguistic ontologies, such as EDR and Japanese WordNet, from the points of building costs and structure information richness. 0 0
A practice of the simple learning management system Miyagoshi T.
Doshita H.
Okino K.
Tajima M.
Learning management system
IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 2006 Recently, the LMS (Learning Management System) of the Blackboard, the WebCt, the Moodle and the Wiki etc. are utilized at the time of e-learning execution. We constructed a simple learning management system with the PukiWiki which is a derivative edition of the Wiki. In this system, the page which the Web page reader is perusing can be edited freely. Moreover, not only a teacher can equally treat the functions used before easily, but a student can create and expand his pages freely. We applied this system to the programming exercise with Java language. When students present a subject, the certainty and convenience are verified since the process are automatically recorded with time. 0 0