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This is a list of magazine articles available in WikiPapers. Currently, there are 30 magazine articles.

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Magazine articles

Title Author(s) Keyword(s) Published in Language DateThis property is a special property in this wiki. Abstract R C
La gestion de l’intelligence collective au sein de Wikimédia France. Des règles souples mais précises. Nathalie Martin
Émeric Vallespi
Espaces French October 2016 L’association Wikimédia France, qui promeut notamment le projet Wikipédia, est confrontée quotidiennement au problème de l’animation de l’intelligence collective de contributeurs bénévoles aux motivations et compétences très diverses. Pour animer cette communauté hétérogène, elle s’appuie sur de nombreux outils facilitant le travail en commun, ainsi que sur des modalités de fonctionnement souples mais précises. 0 0
Wikipédia et bibliothèques. Une production commune des savoirs? Rémi Mathis Bibliothèque(s) French 24 October 2014 Référence consultée spontanément par des centaines de millions d’internautes, Wikipédia s’estime plus proche d’une bibliothèque que d’une encyclopédie. Un rapprochement qui s’explique par un positionnement partagé dans le champ des biens communs. 0 1
Extended cognition and the explosion of knowledge Ludwig D. Active Externalism
Andy Clark
Cognitive Bloat
Cognitive Extension
Cognitive Niche Construction
Digital Media
Dispositional Beliefs
Extended Mind
Philosophical Psychology English 2014 The aim of this article is to show that externalist accounts of cognition such as Clark and Chalmers' (1998) "active externalism" lead to an explosion of knowledge that is caused by online resources such as Wikipedia and Google. I argue that externalist accounts of cognition imply that subjects who integrate mobile Internet access in their cognitive routines have millions of standing beliefs on unexpected issues such as the birth dates of Moroccan politicians or the geographical coordinates of villages in southern Indonesia. Although many externalists propose criteria for the bounds of cognition that are designed to avoid this explosion of knowledge, I argue that these criteria are flawed and that active externalism has to accept that information resources such as Wikipedia and Google constitute extended cognitive processes. 0 0
Improving contextual advertising matching by using Wikipedia thesaurus knowledge GuanDong Xu
ZongDa Wu
Li G.
Chen E.
Contextual advertising
Similarity measure
Knowledge and Information Systems English 2014 As a prevalent type of Web advertising, contextual advertising refers to the placement of the most relevant commercial ads within the content of a Web page, to provide a better user experience and as a result increase the user's ad-click rate. However, due to the intrinsic problems of homonymy and polysemy, the low intersection of keywords, and a lack of sufficient semantics, traditional keyword matching techniques are not able to effectively handle contextual matching and retrieve relevant ads for the user, resulting in an unsatisfactory performance in ad selection. In this paper, we introduce a new contextual advertising approach to overcome these problems, which uses Wikipedia thesaurus knowledge to enrich the semantic expression of a target page (or an ad). First, we map each page into a keyword vector, upon which two additional feature vectors, the Wikipedia concept and category vector derived from the Wikipedia thesaurus structure, are then constructed. Second, to determine the relevant ads for a given page, we propose a linear similarity fusion mechanism, which combines the above three feature vectors in a unified manner. Last, we validate our approach using a set of real ads, real pages along with the external Wikipedia thesaurus. The experimental results show that our approach outperforms the conventional contextual advertising matching approaches and can substantially improve the performance of ad selection. © 2014 Springer-Verlag London. 0 0
Interdisciplinary project-based learning: an online wiki experience in teacher education Biasutti M.
EL-Deghaidy H.
Online learning
Teacher education
Technology, Pedagogy and Education English 2014 In the current research study the use of Wikis as an online didactic tool to apply project-based learning in higher education was reported. The study was conducted in university teacher education programmes. During the online activities, participants developed interdisciplinary projects for the primary school working collaboratively in small groups in a Wiki virtual environment within the Moodle platform. Science was at the core of the projects and acted as an organising hub to finding links with other disciplines. A mixed-methods approach involving the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data was adopted in the current research study. The authors developed the following three instruments in order to measure both processes and outcomes of the online activities: the interdisciplinary project-based learning questionnaire, the reflection questionnaire and a rubric for assessing interdisciplinary projects. The current paper focuses only on the qualitative data, which were subjected to an inductive content analysis. Results provided evidence of the processes involved during the collaborative activities and that online activities can develop teachers' abilities to design projects in interdisciplinary contexts. The discussion highlights the aspects of the online environment that made the collaborative work effective in learning. Future implications and suggestions for teacher education programmes are discussed. © 2014 © 2014 Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education. 0 0
Learning from a wiki way of learning Page K.L.
Reynolds N.
Collaborative learning
Digital writing
Group work
Social media
Social writing
Wiki way of learning
Studies in Higher Education English 2014 There is a growing need to design learning experiences in higher education that develop collaborative and mediated social writing practices. A wiki way of learning addresses these needs. This paper reports findings from a case study involving 58 postgraduate students who in small groups participated over eight weeks in a mediated collaborative writing project with and through wiki contexts. The project was not assessed but designed for task-based domain learning. Evaluation of the project was conducted using data drawn from multiple sources collected before, during and after the project. Findings show that participation in the project had a positive relationship with student exam performance, and web familiarity. Patterns of individual and group wiki project participation, and sex differences in participation, are discussed. © 2014 © 2014 Society for Research into Higher Education. 0 0
Lexical speaker identification in TV shows Roy A.
Bredin H.
Hartmann W.
Le V.B.
Barras C.
Gauvain J.-L.
Broadcast conversations
Classifier fusion
Crossmedia learning
Lexical speaker identification
Speaker roles
Multimedia Tools and Applications English 2014 It is possible to use lexical information extracted from speech transcripts for speaker identification (SID), either on its own or to improve the performance of standard cepstral-based SID systems upon fusion. This was established before typically using isolated speech from single speakers (NIST SRE corpora, parliamentary speeches). On the contrary, this work applies lexical approaches for SID on a different type of data. It uses the REPERE corpus consisting of unsegmented multiparty conversations, mostly debates, discussions and Q&A sessions from TV shows. It is hypothesized that people give out clues to their identity when speaking in such settings which this work aims to exploit. The impact on SID performance of the diarization front-end required to pre-process the unsegmented data is also measured. Four lexical SID approaches are studied in this work, including TFIDF, BM25 and LDA-based topic modeling. Results are analysed in terms of TV shows and speaker roles. Lexical approaches achieve low error rates for certain speaker roles such as anchors and journalists, sometimes lower than a standard cepstral-based Gaussian Supervector - Support Vector Machine (GSV-SVM) system. Also, in certain cases, the lexical system shows modest improvement over the cepstral-based system performance using score-level sum fusion. To highlight the potential of using lexical information not just to improve upon cepstral-based SID systems but as an independent approach in its own right, initial studies on crossmedia SID is briefly reported. Instead of using speech data as all cepstral systems require, this approach uses Wikipedia texts to train lexical speaker models which are then tested on speech transcripts to identify speakers. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York. 0 0
Promoting collaborative writing through wikis: a new approach for advancing innovative and active learning in an ESP context Wang Y.-C. Collaborative authoring
Peer-to-peer learning
Web-based instruction
Computer Assisted Language Learning English 2014 New approaches to language teaching have emerged as a result of increasing advances in technology. Over the past decade, web-based social networking platforms have been widely adopted as collaborative tools for facilitating foreign language learning. This study focused on a novel way of enabling ESP learners to profit from writing, which is collaboration through wikis. The aim was to improve Taiwanese students' English writing skills for business. The instruments used in this study included two writing tests and a survey questionnaire. Findings indicate that students who were engaged in the collaborative writing tasks gained mastery in business writing and enjoyed the challenge of this new learning experience. The results also suggest that wikis promote students' interest in language learning, boost the development of their writing competencies and enhance the collaboration skills needed for success in the workplace. 0 0
Revision history: Translation trends in Wikipedia McDonough Dolmaya J. Crowdsourced translation
Non-professional translation
User-generated translation
Volunteer translation
Translation Studies English 2014 Wikipedia is a well-known example of a website with content developed entirely through crowdsourcing. It has over 4 million articles in English alone, and content in 284 other language versions. While the articles in the different versions are often written directly in the respective target-language, translations also take place. Given that a previous study suggested that many of English Wikipedia's translators had neither formal training in translation nor professional work experience as translators, it is worth examining the quality of the translations produced. This paper uses Mossop's taxonomy of editing and revising procedures to explore a corpus of translated Wikipedia articles to determine how often transfer and language/style problems are present in these translations and assess how these problems are addressed. © 2014 © 2014 Taylor & Francis. 0 0
Shrinking digital gap through automatic generation of WordNet for Indian languages Jain A.
Tayal D.K.
Rai S.
Computational lexicon
Indian languages
Statistical methods
AI & SOCIETY English 2014 Hindi ranks fourth in terms of speaker's size in the world. In spite of that, it has <0.1 % presence on web due to lack of competent lexical resources, a key reason behind digital gap due to language barrier among Indian masses. In the footsteps of the renowned lexical resource English WordNet, 18 Indian languages initiated building WordNets under the project Indo WordNet. India is a multilingual country with around 122 languages and 234 mother tongues. Many Indian languages still do not have any reliable lexical resource, and the coverage of numerous WordNets under progress is still far from average value of 25,792. The tedious manual process and high cost are major reasons behind unsatisfactory coverage and limping progress. In this paper, we discuss the socio-cultural and economic impact of providing Internet accessibility and present an approach for the automatic generation of WordNets to tackle the lack of competent lexical resources. Problems such as accuracy, association of linguistics specific gloss/example and incorrect back-translations which arise while deviating from traditional approach of compilation by lexicographers are resolved by utilising Wikipedia available for Indian languages. © 2014 Springer-Verlag London. 0 0
The reasons why people continue editing Wikipedia content - task value confirmation perspective Lai C.-Y.
Yang H.-L.
Continuance intention
Expectancy-value theory
Expectation-confirmation theory
Procedural justice
Behaviour and Information Technology English 2014 Recently, Wikipedia has garnered increasing public attention. However, few studies have examined the intentions of individuals who edit Wikipedia content. Furthermore, previous studies ascribed a 'knowledge sharing' label to Wikipedia content editors. However, in this work, Wikipedia can be viewed as a platform that allows individuals to show their expertise. This study investigates the underlying reasons that drive individuals to edit Wikipedia content. Based on expectation-confirmation theory and expectancy-value theory for achievement motivations, we propose an integrated model that incorporates psychological and contextual perspectives. Wikipedians from the English-language Wikipedia site were invited to survey. Partial least square was applied to test our proposed model. Analytical results indicated and confirmed that subjective task value, commitment, and procedural justice were significant to satisfaction of Wikipedians; and satisfaction significantly influenced continuance intention to edit Wikipedia content. © 2014 © 2014 Taylor & Francis. 0 0
A social contract for virtual institutions Memmi D. Social contract
Social institutions
Social organizations
Virtual institutions
AI and Society English 2013 Computer-mediated social groups, often known as virtual communities, are now giving rise to a more durable and more abstract phenomenon: the emergence of virtual institutions. These social institutions operating mostly online exhibit very interesting qualities. Their distributed, collaborative, low-cost and reactive nature makes them very useful. Yet they are also probably more fragile than classical institutions and in need of appropriate support mechanisms. We will analyze them as social institutions, and then resort to social contract theory to determine adequate support measures. We will argue that virtual institutions can be greatly helped by making explicit and publicly available online their norms, rules and procedures, so as to improve the collaboration between their members. 0 0
Collaborative development of a semantic wiki on forest management decision support Marques A.F.
Rosset C.
Rasinmaki J.
Vacik H.
Gordon S.
Nobre S.
Falcao A.
Weber D.
Michael Granitzer
Eriksson L.O.
Decision support
Forest management
Knowledge management
Semantic MediaWiki
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research English 2013 Semantic wikis support collaboratively editing, categorising, interlinking and retrieving web pages for a group of experts working in a certain domain. The use of semantic technologies allows the expression of wiki content in a more structured way, which increases its potential use. This contribution presents an overview of the development process towards a semantic wiki related to a repository of forest decision support systems, including models, methods and data used, as well as case studies and lessons learned. An international group of experts took part in the conceptualisation of the semantic wiki (i.e. identification of wiki properties and forms), provided content and developed queries to analyse the information gathered. The resulting ForestDSS wiki gives an overview of the current use, development and application of forest decision support systems worldwide. Based on the experiences gathered during the process, some challenges are reported and conclusions on further developments are made. 0 0
Enhancing successful outcomes of wiki-based collaborative writing: a state-of-the-art review of facilitation frameworks Stoddart A.
Chan J.Y.-Y.
Liu G.-Z.
Web 2.0
Interactive Learning Environments English 2013 This state-of-the-art review research undertook a survey of a variety of studies regarding wiki-based collaborative writing projects and from this body of work extracted the best practices tenets of facilitation. Wiki-based collaborative writing projects are becoming more common in second language (L2) pedagogy. Such projects have multiple aims. These include, among other benefits, L2 acquisition, P2P learning, collaboration and immersion in new technologies that will inform the social and professional lives of the students. By mining a variety of wiki-based collaborative writing projects for the specific meta and secondary facilitation practices, the researchers were able to develop a general framework that will assist instructors of university or advanced high school students who wish to engage their students in such projects. The attributes of good facilitation that the researchers have isolated are by no means exhaustive, nor are they a guarantee of successful outcomes. These attributes do, however, provide a good starting point for any teacher or instructional designer who wants to provide an environment that fosters student satisfaction, motivation and learning. 0 0
He's gone and wrote over it': The use of wikis for collaborative report writing in a primary school classroom Doult W.
Walker S.A.
Education 3-13 English 2013 Wikis (websites that can be edited quickly by multiple authors) were used with upper-primary school children to write group reports on a science topic. Two teachers observed the children working, and their observations were used alongside the texts from the wikis and group interviews with children to explore the question of whether using wikis would lead to a change in writing practices and attitudes. This study found that although children often felt proprietorial about their texts, there was some evidence of negotiation and of joint content building. There was also evidence of peer-supported learning of information and communications technology (ICT) skills. Furthermore, the quality and quantity of writing were greater when using wikis than in conventional writing contexts, and the groups which engaged in more discussion produced more text. 0 0
Refactoring affordances in corporate wikis: a case for the use of mind maps Gorka Puente
Diaz O.
Azanza M.
Corporate wikis
Mind map
Enterprise Information Systems English 2013 The organisation of corporate wikis tends to deteriorate as time goes by. Rearranging categories, structuring articles and even moving sections among articles are cumbersome tasks in current wiki engines. This discourages the layman. But, it is the layman who writes the articles, knows the wiki content and detects refactoring opportunities. Our goal is to improve the refactoring affordances of current wiki engines by providing an alternative front-end tuned to refactoring. This is achieved by (1) surfacing the structure of the wiki corpus as a mind map, and (2) conducting refactoring as mind map reshaping. To this end, we introduce WikiWhirl, a domain-specific language for wiki refactoring. WikiWhirl is supported as an extension of FreeMind, a popular mind mapping tool. In this way, refactoring operations are intuitively conducted as actions upon mind map nodes. In a refactoring session a user imports the wiki structure as a FreeMind map; next, conducts the refactoring operations on the map, and finally, the effects are saved in the wiki database. The operational semantics of the WikiWhirl operations follow refactoring good practices (e.g., authorship preservation). Results from a controlled experiment suggest that WikiWhirl outperforms MediaWiki in three main affordance enablers: understandability, productivity and fulfillment of refactoring good practices. 0 0
The influence of cognitive conflict on the result of collaborative editing in Wikipedia Jiangnan Q.
Chunling W.
Miao C.
Cognitive conflict
Collaborative editing
Exploratory case study
Page quality
Behaviour and Information Technology English 2013 Different levels of cognitive conflict widely exist in the process of collaborative editing, affecting the result of editing. This can be seen especially in Wikipedia, the free-content encyclopedia edited by users collaboratively. Here, we used the method of exploratory case study to explore the influence of wiki-based cognitive conflict on the result of collaborative editing. Page quality was considered as the result of co-editing. By measuring cognitive conflict and calculating page quality of 'Hong Kong MRT' featured article, we found that different levels of conflict had different influence on page quality and the influence was changing with time variation. Our findings are concluded into four propositions, which highlight the role of cognitive conflict in affecting page quality. This paper provides the foundation for further revising and develops the theory by using the methods of verification research and statistical analysis. 0 0
Wikipedia-based query phrase expansion in patent class search Al-Shboul B.
Myaeng S.-H.
Patent search
Phrase-based query expansion
Wikipedia categories
Information retrieval English 2013 Relevance feedback methods generally suffer from topic drift caused by word ambiguities and synonymous uses of words. Topic drift is an important issue in patent information retrieval as people tend to use different expressions describing similar concepts causing low precision and recall at the same time. Furthermore, failing to retrieve relevant patents to an application during the examination process may cause legal problems caused by granting an existing invention. A possible cause of topic drift is utilizing a relevance feedback-based search method. As a way to alleviate the inherent problem, we propose a novel query phrase expansion approach utilizing semantic annotations in Wikipedia pages, trying to enrich queries with phrases disambiguating the original query words. The idea was implemented for patent search where patents are classified into a hierarchy of categories, and the analyses of the experimental results showed not only the positive roles of phrases and words in retrieving additional relevant documents through query expansion but also their contributions to alleviating the query drift problem. More specifically, our query expansion method was compared against relevance-based language model, a state-of-the-art query expansion method, to show its superiority in terms of MAP on all levels of the classification hierarchy. 0 0
Wikis as discussion forums: exploring students' contribution and their attention to form Nami F.
Marandi S.S.
Attention to form
Discussion forum
Document mode
EFL learners
Thread mode
Computer Assisted Language Learning English 2013 The potential of wikis for learning has recently begun to capture the attention of English as a second/foreign language (ESL/EFL) research. While students' collaboration, attention to form, and perceptions of wikis in document mode have been widely addressed in previous research, the educational value of wikis used in thread mode, as discussion forums, has been rarely explored. In an attempt to fill this gap in the literature, the present case study reports on 20 EFL learners' contribution to a classroom wiki during a 9-week writing course. The wiki is applied as a forum for out-of-classroom discussions regarding English writing. Focus is placed upon the type and degree of students' contribution to the wiki as well as their attention to form while publishing their messages on the space. A total of 50 wiki posts was analyzed adopting both quantitative and qualitative measures. The results indicated that students were most likely to use the wiki for posing their questions and disseminating solutions for peers. They also appeared highly attentive to the form of their posts in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This study makes a contribution to research on wiki-based learning. 0 0
Surmounting the Insurmountable: Wikipedia Is Nearing Completion, in a Sense Rebecca J. Rosen The Atlantic English 25 October 2012 0 0
How Big Data Sees Wikipedia Kalev Leetaru The New York Times English 14 June 2012 0 0
Non, Wikipédia n'a pas tué Britannica Rémi Mathis Libération, é French 20 March 2012 Tribune visant à rappeler que le modèle économique des encyclopédie sur papier a essentiellement été remis en cause pendant la décennie 1990, avant même l'existence de Wikipédia. Et que l'arrêt d'une publication sur papier ne signifie pas la mort d'un titre, mais au contraire son adaptation à des conditions sociales et économiques nouvelles, ce qui peut être signe de sa vitalité. 0 1
Wiki learning system patterns for academic courses Nejkovic V.
Tosic M.
Computer Applications in Engineering Education English 2012 Academic courses have started to feature an expanding variety of innovative ways in using different technologies in order to improve effectiveness of teaching and learning process. Among these technologies Wikis are getting important role among teachers, academics, and educators in general as teaching as well as collaboration tool. This article presents overview and systematization of Wiki Learning System in a form of educational Wiki patterns with a goal to support easier and more coherent integration of collaboration and interaction in teaching and learning activities. Results of several consecutive years of using Wiki Learning System and Wiki-based methodological teaching approaches based on Wiki patterns are presented regarding final exams' outcomes of university students. The outcomes' evaluation is based on data collected from faculty archive as well as using survey-questionnaire-based method. 0 0
To Wiki or Not to Wiki? Lori Byrd Phillips Museum English September 2011 0 0
Wiki: Escrita colaborativa Ana Elisa Costa Novais
Ana Elisa Ferreira Ribeiro
Carlos Frederico de Brito d’Andréa
Presença Pedagógica Portuguese September 2011 2 0
How Accurate is Wikipedia? Natalie Wolchover Encyclopaedia Britannica
Online encyclopedias
Passion Pit
LiveScience English 24 January 2011 Numerous studies have rated Wikipedia's accuracy. On the whole, the web encyclopedia is fairly reliable, but Life's Little Mysteries own small investigation produced mixed results. 0 1
WikiMedia Brandon Keim Nature medicine English 28 February 2007 Uneasy with information websites policed by people with little expertise, scientists are creating their own online encyclopedias. But are they accessible enough to supplant Wikipedia, asks Brandon Keim. 0 1
Wikipedia vs The Old Guard PC Pro English 2007 0 0

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